She hasn’t cut her hair since she was 5 years old : Now 34 Rapunzel reveals her secrets

Every female fantasizes about having stunning, long hair.

The ultimate result is always a hairdresser, but as they age, some respect fashion and trim their hair, while others simply lack patience.

Alenna, age 34, has grown into a true Rapunzel because she hasn’t had her hair cut since she was five years old.

The young woman became well-known because of her 1.8-meter-long hair.

When she began to develop this gorgeous hair at the age of 5, her mother, who had always told her that a long braid is the best decoration of a lady, was overjoyed.

She has not shaved her

At a young age, my mother encouraged in me a passion of long hair, claims Alenna.

It is undeniably attractive, and having such long hair suggests at least some degree of health. The upkeep of them requires a lot of time.

Her primary kind of care is cosmetic surgery.

The girl also spends about an hour cleaning her hair, but she refuses to clip it since she believes that her curls are the key to her success.

I have never even contemplated cutting my hair because I have such a strong love for it.

I can’t even imagine cutting my hair short or dying it a different color,” she said.

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