My son came home from school with marks all over his hand: I was horrified

A parent from London named Matthew shared a photo of his son Harry’s hands after understanding that the tragic reason why Harry drew his own hands was.

Each line, according to the father of three, indicated a bullying episode that occurred over the course of two days.

Just over a week has elapsed since my son entered high school, the man said.

“Over the past two days, he has recorded on his hand how many times he has been the victim of verbal or physical bullying.

“A total of 21. It’s very depressing. Bullies in schools need to face harsher penalties, and their parents should also face consequences.

The devoted father explained in a later post that he chose to post the picture because it was “powerful.” He was added:

He wanted to show us how frequently it happens over the course of two school days.

“You simply have no idea what might happen, and you assume that your kids will be safe at school.

“I’m confident that everything will work itself out.” The post has gotten more than 400 reactions in less than 24 hours.

Some of the post’s readers shared their sympathies, while others provided advice.

A instructor who had read the post acknowledged that bullying was far more common than people had thought.

She added, “Most of the time, your HOD or safeguarding leaders are aware, but they’re terrified of the perpetrators themselves.

“More work must be done right away! My heart begins to race. My heartfelt wishes are for your son.

The Sun has gotten in touch with Matthew for a response.

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