Mountaineers meet a family who have lived outside civilization for 80 years: It’s an amazing story

The individuals with whom we will be having this conversation today have never used a blender, never watched television, and hardly even know what a microwave is. Despite modernization and the expansion of civilisation, some people continue to live separately from the rest of the world.

When the climbers reached the top of the mountain, they found a small, isolated cottage. When they entered, they found that someone lived there.

Because they lived at home, they were initially confused and even intimidated by unexpected guests.

They talked with the climbers peacefully and even made friends with them once they learned that they had no intention of harming them.

Over a century has passed since this house was built, and the same family has owned it the entire time.

The final member of her family to leave her was eighty years ago. The bulk of the children still live here, while some left on their own and now live in the town.

The journey by foot to the closest village takes around a day. On occasion, they move in this manner to trade wool for meat, which they subsequently exchange for clothing and footwear.

Because they have a farm with a cow, lambs, and chickens, these people eat natural meals.

Nobody in the neighborhood has ever used the Internet or television.

All that is left of civilisation to them is a solar battery that they have exchanged for in order to heat their homes.

Mountain locals use adjacent rivers for drinking water during the summer and snow during the winter.

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