He bought a 300 years old abandoned house and turned it into the wonderful one: let’s see how is it now

Scotsman and video editor George Dunnett made the decision to undertake an unusual restoration project.

For £55,386 (about €64,000 or $63,000), he bought a 300-year-old abandoned mansion in his hometown of Kinnesswood, which is only 30 minutes from Edinburgh.

There were stone wall cracks, little insulation, and no running water in the dilapidated building. The interior was covered with cobwebs and dust, and the floor was covered in grime and sludge.

The interior was cleaned, the roof was fixed, new windows and a skylight were installed, and insulation was added to the walls. The improvements ended up costing more than anticipated, at £102,500 (€119,000).

Even the pavers in front of the house were put in by George’s father.

A spectacular wooden staircase leading to the living room on the second story and a partition built to divide two rooms on the lower floor, one of which was converted into a bedroom, were the only interior changes made to the home.

The bedroom was decorated with a big bed and two bedside tables, and the walls were primarily painted white with one gray wall.

The bathroom, which was situated on the ground level, included a big glass shower, a vanity, a toilet, and a window.

The upper floor’s living room was created to George’s requirements and was furnished with a sizable sofa, a TV cabinet, a coffee table, and pillows in pastel hues.

George’s repair of the tiny house was a huge success, transforming the dilapidated, abandoned structure into a lovely country cottage.

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