Giselle became a mother at the age of 60: How her daughter Cleopatra lives and looks now

In 2015, this tale terrified the entire country. Giselle Shubenina gave birth at the age of 60. Many people immediately criticized the woman, stating that it was unfair and odd for her to become a mother at her age.

The couple’s son was born soon after they were married. The couple eventually divorced, though, and Giselle took up exclusive custody of the child.

When she is 50 years old, she meets a man who is 8 years her junior.

However, they began to think about having children in the future. Giselle chose to become pregnant despite being past childbearing age.

The doctors did not advise her to do it, therefore she defied them. Thankfully, she persisted and had a healthy daughter.

The baby was given the name Cleopatra and was born on January 16, 2015.

Due to this incident, Giselle and her family were featured in the media, and they even received an invitation to the TV program.

She will soon turn seven. She is enthusiastic and has a wonderful disposition. She is currently unconcerned about her parents’ advanced age as well.

According to Giselle’s memories, everyone around her expected that the daughter would be unwell and disabled when the child was born. This is false, though, as she is completely healthy and growing in line with her peers.

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