A woman bought an abandoned town instead of an apartment and moved there to live alone

Five years ago, Eileen learned that her funds couldn’t even support a small studio.

The town was still valued at the same price even though it had been deserted for a very long time.

Without giving it a second thought, the woman bought an abandoned village and relocated there.

It doesn’t seem like Cisco is your ordinary city. There are a number of vacant houses there that have windows that overlook the stunning La Sal Mountains.

Eileen noticed a price sticker on one of the homes as she drove by the town.

Eileen said, “It seems to be the only house in the whole country that fits my budget.

In reality, Cisco’s nominal owner was more than happy to get rid of the illiquid land in the desert.

For the first year, the woman was compelled to reside in a trailer while a nearby cabin underwent refurbishment.

A few years later, after Eileen’s story was published in numerous periodicals, travelers discovered the lonely town.

So that the woman can work in her own town and earn money, they take a break now and then to watch the hermit.

Nobody is made for a life in a rural location. The absence of people, though, may potentially be a significant benefit for some.

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