A 17 years old married a 51 years old woman: this is how they are living together 20 years later

Different-age weddings always generate a lot of discussion and media interest. especially if the wife is somewhat older than the husband

In 2000, a marriage like this one with a substantial age difference was declared null and void.

A 17-year-old boy named Jay Barham married a driving teacher named Linda. At the time, the woman was 51 years old. While Linda worked as a driving school instructor, they eventually became a couple.

They are unaware that the connection has taken a dangerous turn.

The culture Jay and Linda lived in did not approve of and did not understand their relationship. Everyone chastised the woman and charged that she was seducing the man.

However, a loving heart’s ties could not be broken by talk, rumors, or gossip. They got married.

Linda began to hear people call her a kidnapper behind her back, implying that she was capable of luring and falling in love with an inexperienced male.

The parents of Jay had hoped that he would realize his mistake in marrying a woman who was 51 years old and grow up.

The children of Linda would not accept a younger stepfather.

Only time will be able to show why the couple got married. They had indeed fallen in love, and their feelings had been confirmed.

Since then, 20 years have passed. In addition to opting to take over the family business, the couple also launches a little shop. They advertise candy.

All of their free time is spent taking care of Linda’s seven grandchildren.

The spouses do not have any shared children.

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