105 years old grandfather is scared to kiss his greatgrandson but when he does he’s filled with joy

When he first spotted Easton, this 105 Pop was obviously overjoyed.

Naturally a little nervous, he initially worried a lot about disappointing Easton.

He was hesitant to hold him as a result.

Pop initially resists holding Easton, but Susan reassured him that everything will be okay and pushed that he do so.Great-grandfather, who was 105 years old, was overjoyed since he was about to spend the first time ever meeting his great-grandson. Why not then?

Not everyone has the good fortune to be able to embrace their great-grandchildren. Parents Since the arrival of their son Easton, Susan and Jason Zwolak have been looking forward to this very significant day.

They brought Easton to meet his great-grandfather Pop five days after his birth.

Susan and Jason felt quite lucky that Easton got to know Pop because he was a revered character in their early years.

Pop tentatively held out his hands after a little interval, his heart pounding with expectation.

When Pop finally ringed Easton, his excitement was evident on his face.

Susan’s eyes began to well up with tears as she witnessed the stern grandfather change into a young boy, his face gleaming with joy.He looked at Easton’s face and nodded frequently.

After a nice night’s sleep, Easton was startled by the voice of his great-love grandfather.

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