What Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s 26-year-old son looks like now

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were once one of the sexiest couples in Hollywood. Instead of having children of their own, the actor’s couple adopted two foster children, Isabella and Connor.

Connor was only six years old when Kidman and Cruise got divorced. Following the award of joint custody, Kidman left for Australia, while Cruise stayed in California to take care of the children. Over time, the celebrity mom made fewer appearances in front of Isabella and Connor. She eventually wed Keith Urban, and the couple went on to have their own children.

As a result, the adoptive son and daughter grew further estranged from their well-known mother. Not the least of these was Bella and Connor’s imitation of their father’s Scientology fervor. Cruz’s alleged dependency on Scientology is said to have contributed to the renowned couple’s breakup. By the way, Tom’s second wife, Katie Holmes, also found it difficult to deal with her husband’s strong devotion.

Because he did not want his and Kidman’s fame to spoil his children, Cruise made an effort to keep his kids away from the media and the celebrity environment. They rarely appeared in front of the camera, and their followers know little about them.

The brother and sister, who used to spend a lot of time together, now live separate lifestyles. True, we still know very little about Connor. In 2019, the son of Cruise and Kidman married Italian Scientologist Silvia Zanci. Nicole, just so you know, he didn’t go to the wedding because he still hates his adoptive mother.

In reality, Connor tried to act but failed miserably. After that, he spent a short time working as a DJ but was unsuccessful as a musician.

The young man recently posted on Instagram, a controversial platform that is forbidden in Russia, in order to share a photo of a huge fish he had just caught with his followers. This gave people a chance to see how Kidman and Cruz’s son has developed over time.

You would never imagine that the young man, now an aggressive adult, is only 26 years old. Connor looks 10 to 15 years older than he actually is, whether it’s the beard or his slightly chubby build. Cruz Jr. faced a deluge of questions from subscribers about his life and actions, but he chose to keep silent.

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