Their spectacular dance has been viewed by 131 million people. They are incredible!!!

The purpose of this music video, which features dancers and cover songs, is entertainment and diversion. We have provided a link to the original video of the images below and ask you to view it in order to support the incredible effort carried out by these experts because the pictures do not match the music. The hip hop and house dance cultures’ emotional depth and modern art are all explored by the Austrian dance company Potpourri.

Since 2006, Farah Dean and Olivia Mitterhumer have worked to open up esoteric dance styles to a wider audience through their dynamic performance and management abilities. Among their creations are advertisements, music, theater productions, and national and international dance performances. instruction and video The group established the well-known international Streetdance Festival Flavourama in Salzburg in 2009, attracting over 2,000 attendees annually.

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