“The star wouldn’t put on a bra!” In a skimpy dress, Miss World Priyanka Chopra attended Fashion Week.

The winner of “Miss World 2000” designed the eye-catching attire. She preferred the magenta-necked dress with the cape. In a silk gown with vivid hues that matched her tanned skin, Priyanka looked stunning. The purple hue, which seemed to be as vivid as fuchsia, turned out to be a creative idea. The top model chose not to wear a bra, exposing some of her breasts.

Chopra let her hair fall down and styled it in soft waves. Priyanka’s natural beauty was heightened by her evening makeup. This time, she went with Bulgari jewelry.
The star’s hubby likewise maintained the star appearance. The brand’s logo-printed suit was the ideal match to Priyanka’s colorful ensemble, which was also decorated with a print of the letters V. Jonas sported a Bulgari timepiece.
The pair in the front row was taking in the show. Photographers seized the opportunity to document the couple’s amazing appearance from almost every aspect as the celebs posed joyously for them.

The photos of the musician and model delighted their fans. Bloggers publish statements like “No more fuchsia, just magenta!” in addition to “How cool they both look, you can’t take your eyes off it.” Additionally, they make statements like, “That’s what I understand – they complement each other.” “Just the perfect couple, bravo!”

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