Stunning breasts and a beaming smile: Airport photographers captured Angelina Jolie

Why is the 47-year-old actress so sad and pale? What’s the relationship between this and Brad Pitt’s joy?

Although Angelina Jolie has been in the acceptance stage for a few days, the FBI has formally ended its investigation into their argument on an aircraft. The story hinges around an incident from years ago in which Jolie received a spanking from Pitt when her child stood up for her during a quarrel between the celebrity couple.

In the most recent movie, which was released today, February 20, Angie, 47, has undergone a noticable transformation. Jolie no longer cares about her appearance, despite her gloomy grey and black outfit. The actress’s curls look as sick as possible; they are dry, weak, and resemble a loofah. Her rigorous dieting makes it clear why, though. Additionally, due to a severe lip abnormality, Angelina underwent plastic surgery in the past to have her mouth made smaller. When the tissues started to deteriorate, a prominent individual who received Botox as he aged added volume to his skin. She eventually got the duck’s mouth.

It’s probable that Jolie’s unhappiness as she approaches her midlife crisis is also a result of feeling irrelevant. Brad Pitt now works in a new field and is in a happy relationship, while Angelina is still single and is known as Hollywood’s “bitch.”

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