Wellwishers are waiting on news from the parents of conjoined twins due undergo crucial separation surgery

The Bateson twins, Annie and Issie, who are now six months old, attached from the chest to the pelvis during birth. They shared a liver, bladder, and colon but had unique tiny hearts.

They each possessed a single little leg, and they also had a single fused limb in common.

According to the parents, the “important day” of the surgery was arranged at London’s renowned Hospital on Great Ormond Street.

The couple was aware that their daughters had been joined while Hannah was pregnant.

She said that both girls will have prosthetic legs after they are split up.

ITV heard her say this: “Our ideal setting? We’ll be coming back here for the next 18 years, which, though terrible to say, shows the girls survived the ordeal.

Father and mother claim that the girls are tenacious and have thus far proven everyone else incorrect.

May it continue forever, Hannah said. For a fundraising, a $5k starting goal was set in order to help the family with the costs related to the issues they face.

On Tuesday, the amount, though, had topped £21,000.

Best wishes to your gorgeous babies; I hope the surgery goes well and they get to go home soon.

Parents are overjoyed to be able to assist the unfortunate little ladies.

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