Waitress gets a note from a widow dining alone and it has her in tears

One waitress receives a note from a widow she met while she was working and had a seat and conversation with. What a lovely conversation that touched both women!

At the restaurant where she works, waitress Megan King recently noticed a senior citizen eating alone.

She saw that she appeared to be contemplating while eating her dinner in silence.

At that moment Megan decided to take a break from her busy workday and settle down next to the woman.

The two had a brief talk before Megan went back to her job duties.

She arrived in the middle of my 17-hour shift on a Sunday, which is always a hectic day, Megan remarked.

She told me that she was almost 70 and that all she wanted to do was go get a snack at an old favorite.

“Megan had no idea how much the elderly lady had valued that chance meeting.

Before leaving, the elderly woman made the choice to send Megan a note expressing her gratitude for her generosity.

When Megan first glanced at the handwritten note, she had to fight back tears, and she had to use the restroom to gather herself.

She took a picture of the charming note. She also took a picture of herself smiling and wiping a tear from her cheek, and both pictures were posted online.

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