The unique trio was born in 1987: they have special beauty let’s see how they look like now

The narrative of today is about the sisters Nicola, Laura, and Alison, who were born on April 25, 1987. The triplet girls are identical, making it impossible to distinguish between them.

The ladies were able to keep their friendship as they grew older and developed into true beauties.

They have received numerous requests to be models as a result during the past 20 years. The trio’s parents, however, made the choice to spare their kids childhood.

Nevertheless, the Crimmins sisters made their first forays into the modeling world at the age of 16.

The sisters enjoy real celebrity status in their home city of Dublin. They frequently participate in fashion shows and are invited guests to parades of all kinds.

All of this brings them renown and a wonderful paycheck, but it also imposes limitations on them. After all, they are identical to one another rather than being lovely.

Alison, Laura, and Nicola almost share a life while being three different people.

Their day starts with a regular morning run, then they eat breakfast and head to the gym to complete the same tasks.

Their stylist and beauty salon are the same. The trio stands 180 cm tall and weighs 54 kg. They share the same fragrances and cosmetics.

Additionally, if they decide to deviate from their diet and consume a slice of pizza, they should cut it into three pieces.

The only topic the three sisters don’t discuss together is their personal life. Laura has been in a committed relationship for a while, whereas Alison and Nicola are now single.

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