She was standing in the mall but after a while something weird happened: you will be in surprise

The girl had an unexpected impulse to dance while she stood in the mall. Although she had always enjoyed seeing dance performances, she had never imagined that one day she would be the one to do so.

She chose to follow her irrational inclination because of how liberated she felt in the mall that day.

People surrounding her stopped and gaped in awe as she started tapping her feet. A small group of people soon around her, entranced by the sound of her feet on the ground.

The Latin American and flamenco dances that people were used to seeing were not like the tap dancing she was doing. It moved quickly and energetically, with deft movement that was nearly impossible to follow.

To her astonishment, though, mall patrons started to join in as well. Some others began to clap their hands, and others started tapping their feet in time with her. Before she knew it, a spontaneous flash mob of Irish tap dancers had taken over the mall.

The taps’ reverberating sound filled the hallways with happiness and exhilaration.

Just goes to show that often the most memorable events are those that occur naturally. You never know when an idea will come to you, or when you’ll feel inspired to take an unusual action.

But if you do, it can result in very magical moments, like this unplanned flash mob in the mall.

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