Mom says goodbye to daughter but a miracle happens: grandma notices the little girl’s eyes moving

Her three-year-old daughter Camila was sent to the hospital because of stomach pain. She was feeling warm.

Although the small child had been taken to the hospital, her family was advised to move her to a bigger institution.

The child was given paracetamol to treat his or her pain.

The next doctor who checked the child advised the family to give the daughter fruits and water because the child’s dehydration was slowly becoming worse.

It was ineffective, though, and the young child even had acute dehydration.

Finally, due to Camila’s condition, Mary Jane rushed her to the hospital’s emergency room.

The infant was given intravenous fluids for around ten minutes before the hospital staff there pronounced the youngster dead.

Camila’s cause of death was determined to be dehydration.

No matter how difficult it was, Mary Jane had to accept that her baby daughter had died.

Her family planned the funeral, which took place the next day. The loss of a little child who had so much potential and died of dehydration devastated her family.

After accepting the doctors’ diagnosis, Mary Jane and her family made an effort to deal with the grief that had engulfed their home since Camila’s “death.”

“But all changed when Camila’s grandmother discovered that the child’s eyes moved and that she has a heartbeat.

Quickly, she was removed from the coffin and driven back to the hospital in an ambulance.

There, doctors made an effort to revive young Camila but were unable.

Mary Jane was forced to bring her dead child home once more. But it turned out to be true this time.

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