I named my daughter after a comic book character but didn’t tell my wife: she’s furious but I don’t get it

Because her husband gave their daughter the name of a comic book character, one mother is enraged.

However, her husband is baffled as to why his wife finds his choice of a name to be so objectionable.

The father got into trouble after eventually disclosing the origin of his daughter’s name when the infant was three months old.

The topic of conversation was brought up because the wife felt “betrayed” and “humiliated” when an aunt dropped by the house to see the baby.

The aunt asked us how we came up with our daughter’s name during our conversation because it’s not (in her perspective) “typical,” the husband wrote in a post on the well-known forum Reddit.

“My wife and I both suggested numerous names throughout the pregnancy.

We both came to the conclusion that we wanted something nice, unique enough so that there are probably not going to be two in her class, typical enough so that no one would find it unusual, and nothing in particular that is now trendy but won’t look “old.”

Before agreeing on the name Laurel, the married couple discussed a number of other options.

The man continued, “After my wife explained why she preferred the name, her aunt asked what the name meant.

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