Slammed by trolls for kissing his young son on the lips – he has a strong response for them

Tom, an Englishman, never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his love for his young son Roman. The couple’s public displays of adoration when they appeared on social media, however, weren’t well received by everyone.

The North English father who was assaulted after kissing his five-year-old son on the lips isn’t going to back down in the face of the trolls who claim that he confused his youngster.

Roman is there to support the father as he fights back with some logical simplicity and humor. The frightened users are told flatly by Roman, “You are all crazy!”

Relationships between parents and children are endearing and enduring, and they aid in children’s later development of values, morals, and personalities.

Every parent raises their children in a unique way, with some approaches influenced by culture, resources, physical and mental health, or just personal preference.

Tom, a devoted father of two from Yorkshire, England, rejects the influence of online bullies and their disparaging words on his parenting approach.

Women are drawn to the father’s frequent TikTok posts because of his accent, crystal blue eyes, flawlessly sculpted and tattooed body, or because of his love for his two sons, Roman, 5, and Raphael Reign, who was born in the middle of May 2023. They are also drawn to the father’s posts because of his accent.

Tom now reacts to criticism that he is confusing Roman and endangering the small child from illness or strangers in a number of the videos he puts on TikTok. Tom, though, is adamant on continuing. The father from northern England approached a user on June 27 after the user had written, “Just gorgeous both but don’t kiss him on the lips.”

Tom’s response made it plain that he would continue to love on his five-year-old child for as long as he was able. Tom asserts:

The fact that it bothered you worries me. My five-year-old kid will receive on-the-lip kisses from me as long as I feel it necessary and as long as he agrees, since I adore him and he is my best friend, but one day he won’t want me to, and he probably won’t want much to do with me. For the time being, I’ll continue as I am.

Supportive comments from fans flooded in, including: “Love kisses with my kids and now my granddaughter-the people who think it’s wrong are the worry xx.” Another person, whose father passed away, said: “Absolutely insane! I used to kiss my father on the lips and lost him two years ago. I wish I could hug and kiss him one more.

He is the most lovely little guy and it’s because we raised him with love, Tom responded to the kind remarks. I appreciate your comments.

However, a parent had to answer in a little video after a user made an absurd claim. Shouldn’t kiss him because of the microorganisms in your mouth, the person writes. Did you know that if you have them and kiss them, it can make your child more prone to getting cavities?

Tom writes in a funny post that has nearly 123,000 likes, “Wow. I risk giving my five-year-old son cavities if I kiss him on the lips. The kisses from his father will give him cavities. Tom then asks Roman what he thinks before turning to him. The boy responds, giggling, “Don’t be silly!” He then kisses his father’s lips to make the point.

The false claim that Tom kissing Roman would cause cavities infuriated the audience. “who educated that person, wow…You two can kiss away, comments one, while another adds, “That is so stupid, and I work (with or as) a dentist. continue being the devoted father you are… Son is very adorable.

At the start of July, Tom posted a now-viral video of him driving with Roman on his lap. Don’t worry, Tom writes in the post that has almost 579,000 views. Nothing is going to change at all. Roman, what do you think of individuals who think you shouldn’t kiss me on the lips? he turns to his kid.

“All of you are nuts. Oh, that’s my father. Roman declares vehemently. The couple kisses tenderly as the video comes to a close.

One user says, “Some people are just sick he is adorable and would soon tell ya when he gets older if he didn’t like it.” Fans intervened to support the parent and defend the cause of his post. A other person says, “We kiss on the cheeks in my culture, but i really love that father-son relationship.”

Speaking to the Yorkshire father’s trolls, one user interjected and questioned, “Have you an issue with his kissing him on the lips because he is a man? Because I’m sure you wouldn’t if this were his mother.

Tom responds, commending the lady for bringing the important issue to light, and adds:

“I have truly been quite curious to know this because I have also pondered about it. Sincerely, I don’t believe there would have been any controversy if a mother had been kissing a young boy.

I don’t know why, but whenever a man or a father kisses their young child, something is always said, and I never understand why since it’s always by this strange minority. I’m delighted a woman is expressing it too, he continues, so I truly appreciate it. I’m not changing anything.

In another video, the father reacts angrily to a comment that the youngster will be more vulnerable to nefarious strangers due to the gorgeous pecks.

“Fact: Don’t kiss your kids on the lips. You understand what I’m saying when I say that not all people have good intentions? Don’t allow that to be acceptable, the author urged.

So the idea is that if I kiss my five-year-old, he would believe that he can walk off and it’s alright to kiss strangers, weird grownups… certainly!, Tom joked in response. He said, suppressing his chuckle, “So let’s apply that logic. He could hop in a stranger’s car and believe that’s normal, therefore I can’t take him anywhere in my car anymore. He is no longer permitted to reside in my home, yet he might simply enter a stranger’s home and believe that it is normal.

The loving father then suggested an alternate course of action: “Or we could, now hear me out, we could… tell him that while kissing his parents is natural, kissing shady Barry down the street is a little strange.

We’re glad to see that Tom doesn’t back down to online trolls who have no business advising him how to parent because the majority of people in his online community support him and marvel over the love he shows his baby!

Do you think it’s appropriate for mothers to do the same when a father kisses a youngster on the lips?

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