Dog curls up next to Gordon Lightfoot’s casket during memorial service: “Gordon loved dogs”

Singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot, who was well-known, died last week at the age of 84. The passing of this Canadian national icon and one of his generation’s most well-liked folk performers was lamented by a sizable following.

A memorial service for the musician was conducted on May 7. One old friend gathered by his side, which was a lovely sight.

Lightfoot, whose well-known songs include “Sundown” and “If You Could Read My Mind,” was honored in his native Orillia, Ontario, Canada, at St. Paul’s United Church.

The singer apparently requested that his funeral be place at the Orilla church, where he had formerly sang in the choir as a young man. The musician, who kept his Canadian identity even as he attained international acclaim, is said to have asked for this.

As stated by St. Paul’s choir director Blair Bailey to CTV News, “he is the one who wanted it to be here, in this church that he grew up in.”

Yesterday’s funeral for Lightfoot was allegedly attended by 50 close friends and family members. However, a public viewing was held on Sunday when local supporters could express their grief.

Those there witnessed a heartwarming scene when a dog named Taurus cuddled up beside the late musician.

Taurus is a part of the tour team, according to longtime Lightfoot spokesperson Victoria Lord, and the two became close while on the road.

According to Victoria Lord, “He used to travel with him and wait for Gordon side stage.” Gordon adored canines.

Dogs frequently sleep next to the graves or coffins of their departed family members as a somber, sour tribute. Dogs are devoted until the end.

A lot about a person may be learned from how they handle animals. Taurus and Lightfoot clearly had a close bond despite the fact that Taurus wasn’t Lightfoot’s genuine pet; the dog will certainly miss him.

Gordon Lightfoot passed away on May 1 at the age of 84. The musician’s apparent natural death was originally reported on his Facebook page.

With hits like “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Sundown,” and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” Lightfoot reached his peak of global recognition in the 1970s. Numerous of his albums were certified platinum.

As one of the most well-known folk musicians of his day, Lightfoot was admired by his peers and recognized as a national hero in his native Canada.

In the 2019 documentary Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind, Rush musician Geddy Lee noted, “He is our poet laureate, he is our iconic singer-songwriter.”

Bob Dylan famously remarked, “I can’t think of a Gordon Lightfoot song I don’t enjoy. “Every time I hear one of his songs, I feel as though I want it to go on forever. Lightfoot was taken on as a long-term mentor. He’s probably still there, in my opinion.

After Lightfoot’s death, Trudeau referred to him as “one of our greatest singer-songwriters” and said that he “captured our country’s spirit in his music, and in doing so, he helped shape Canada’s soundscape.”

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