Al Roker gushes about being first-time grandfather to ‘perfect’ granddaughter Sky

Al Roker is overjoyed. The weatherman boldly discussed becoming Sky Clara Laga’s first grandmother on Monday’s episode of Today.

On July 3, his daughter Courtney Roker and her partner Wesley Laga had their first child. He claims that his granddaughter was not given his occupation as the name.

Al reported to his Today co-anchors that the family was “doing well.”

It truly is magical, he declared.

Courtney is having some difficulty because she underwent a cesarian section. And Wes, I think you understand the seriousness of becoming a father. He yet retains his upbeat disposition.

Al, on the other hand, is overjoyed about his new job.

“The problem is that everyone keeps telling you that it will be ‘this thing,’ but you have no idea; it’s like when they tell you that you are going to have your first child. then to embrace this young kid knowing I held her mother about 35 years ago? She weighs 5 pounds, 15 ounces, is 19 inches long, and is just wonderful.

He remarked about Sky, “I’m telling you, she’s a great sleeper.” “Sleeps for four hours, gets up, uses the restroom, then goes back to sleep for four more. We have a similar schedule.

Al said that other family members were also “over the moon” about the newest addition.

He was thrilled to welcome Sky, as was his 20-year-old son Nick, whom he shares with his wife Deborah Roberts.

“I’m enthralled,” he declared after releasing her from his grasp.

Sky, welcome to the world! You already have so much affection, and it will just continue to increase.

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