Two-Year-Old Adorably Belts Out the National Anthem

A pleasant surprise was given to the spectators at a high school basketball game in Manahawkin, New Jersey (Southern Regional). Holding his son’s hand, Clark Harris, a Cincinnati Bengal who had previously attended the NJ school, entered the court. Next to his father, little Trent Harris started singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a sweet version.

Trent starts singing cautiously, muttering the first verse. With the second line, he gains a little more assurance, and Daddy discreetly leaves the court. Trent keeps singing as the audience listens intently.

Trent has mastered the song, as evidenced by the way he sings “rocket’s red glare.” He begins the section where the bombs are bursting in the air while the audience laughs.

He performs a fantastic job singing the National Anthem, which is not an easy song for a little child to sing in front of a large audience. It must have taken him some time to perfect it at home! He not only remembered the phrases, but he also avoided stage fright. As thrilled as the crowd was, his parents must have been as proud.

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