The boy with the longest eyelashes in the world: how he looks now

Muin Bachonaev was endowed with incredibly long eyelashes since infancy.

Women do not possess the world’s longest eyelashes. The young Tajik entered the Guinness Book of Records after having eyelashes that were 6 cm long. He is just about a centimeter short of the adult record.

Eyelashes that are long and thick are every woman’s desire. What methods do women use to discover this lovely halo around their eyes? Oils are used to strengthen, twist, color, and lengthen eyelashes. However, nature bestows an extraordinary length to some people. Muin Bachonaev, a young Tajik who had the longest eyelashes in the world, made it into the Guinness Book of Records a few years ago. They then grew to a length of 4 cm. The most intriguing aspect is that eyelashes have continued to grow and don’t appear to be interfering with their owner at all.

Muin Bachonaev hit his parents as soon as he was born. The newborn baby’s eyelashes were so long that it appeared they were preventing him from opening them. The little patient was promptly taken to see a doctor. However, neither the geneticist nor the ophthalmologist discovered any diseases or abnormalities in development.

The youngster actually grew up in perfect health and blended in with his contemporaries. The only difference was that his eyelashes “added” length each year, increasing from 3 to 5 millimeters. When the youngster was 3 years old, they had already “lay down” on the cheeks and eyebrows by the time they were 4 cm long. When the parents began to worry once more, they took the infant to be examined.

Алина Полищук

At the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences’ Institute of Genetics, Cornelia de Lange syndrome was thought to exist. Congenital in nature, this condition is distinguished by an extremely thick hairline, fused eyebrows, and long, curled eyelashes. Mental retardation and issues with physical development are further symptoms of the illness. Muin didn’t record anything of the sort, though. The child’s lengthy eyelashes, according to the doctors, are a clear expression of ethnic traits. Muin Bachonaev’s parents are both Tajiks, who are distinguished by their thick facial and body hair.

Every year, Muin Bachonaev’s eyelashes grow by 3 to 5 millimeters (mm).
The boy gained a true celebrity as a result of his eccentricity. He has previously been listed as the person with the nation’s longest eyelashes in the Russian Book of Records. The boy also entered the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest eyelashes of any child in the entire world. True, he is still far from the record; among adult men, Stuart Muller from Florida, USA, has the longest eyelashes. They are 6.99 cm long.

When Muin is an adult, he will undoubtedly be able to smash the world record, according to his parents. At the age of 14, the child’s eyelashes have already reached a length of 6 cm. Muin feels proud of his appearance, despite the fact that this ornamentation is unusual for a male. The adolescent does not plan to trim his eyelashes because he has become accustomed to his oddity and it in no way interferes with his ability to study, play football, and live a normal boy’s life.

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By the way, the world record holder for long eyelashes is from Ukraine. This is Kiev resident Valery Smagliy, who was able to “grow” a 3 centimeter long piece of jewelry. The man’s eyelashes started to extend after he sat on a specific diet, therefore this is an interesting bodily trait that is not inherent. Because he anticipates making money off of selling the diet to beauty companies, Valery keeps the diet’s specifics a secret. He laments, though, that his eyelashes make it difficult for him to see and put a lot of strain on his eyelids.

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