Shania decided to beautifully put an end to it by getting naked for her latest album. The fans were delighted

Shania made the decision to elegantly put a stop to it by going nude for her most recent album. The supporters were happy.

The most recent—and probably most personal—leg of Shania Twain’s career gained momentum following the recent publication of her Netflix documentary, Not Just a Girl. The rising star of country-pop recently revealed plans for a tour and the release of her most recent album, Queen of Me. In addition, as the album’s name suggests, Shania posed naked in the mud for the artwork because the song is all about loving oneself.

The singer, who is 57 years old, wants this album to be a representation of her overcoming all the insecurities she had when she was younger. Given her public past, it might be difficult to believe, but Shania is now more confident than ever.

“Girl, I was a really insecure woman.She recently said to TalkShopLive, “I was one of those teenagers who would never wear a bikini at the beach, for example. “Therefore, I’m saying screw it. I’m going to do it now because I didn’t do it when I was younger. I’m going to demonstrate how at ease I am with myself.

Part of that emerged in Shania’s messy photo shoot. She hasn’t released the images, but a couple album teasers show her naked beside a horse and with her button-down top mostly open. But just because a shot appears smooth doesn’t imply it was.

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