“People Are Shocked” Miley Cyrus’ sister walks around Paris, covering her chest with only a chain

The “queen of naked outfits” is Miley Cyrus. But Noah, age 23, keeps up with her outspoken older sister.
The girl experienced fame quite early. Young Noah Cyrus made her television debut at the age of two alongside her legendary country music star father Bill Ray Cyrus. Noah frequently made cameo appearances in Miley Cyrus’ “Hannah Montana” project as one of the episodic characters.

It seems that Cyrus Jr. should have been drawn to a career in acting, but she preferred music instead. Noah therefore began to fully release singles at the age of 17, some of which even hit the charts. Her sister, who also gave up her performing profession, and father both gave Cyrus their superb singing skills.
But Noah also resembles her sister in other ways. Girls are still bound together by their love of fashion and personal style, which occasionally causes a lot of confusion among the general public.

Noah Cyrus thus made an appearance at the yearly Paris Fashion Week wearing a chic, fitted dress with a plunging neckline that revealed the singer’s entire chest. The Hollywood beauty covered her nipples with a large black chain, but it still revealed more than was necessary in order to avoid looking absolutely obscene.

The absence of eyebrows on Noah’s face, which she lightened beforehand, added to the overall impression. True, as a result of this, Cyrus developed a painful appearance with a whitened face and vigorously highlighted cheekbones.

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