Football player removes helmet to sing national anthem when no one else would

In the video below, you can hear the voice of the nation that helped him get where he is.

He raised our flag to present it with pride and the best horse he knew because he realized that recording a song couldn’t be fair. It turns out that he is also very knowledgeable and proficient in it.

Every major event, including high school football games, always begins with respecting and loving the flag.

What if nobody sings, though?

Some occasions can merely use the recording to carry on the show. However, there was one student who simply could not stop all of this from happening during this high school football game.

Jackson Dean Nicholson played football for Arundell High School in Cambrils, Maryland, and was certain that the national anthem should be played.

He thus pulled off his helmet, picked up his guitar, and got up in front of his school to perform the Star-Spangled Banner live.

And at last, he succeeded in doing it. Just pay attention to the voice of the land, which guided him to his destination. See the video down below.

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