The star of the Internet. How the baby born with gray hair looks now

Unquestionably, all newborns are lovely.

Their pictures are the most popular on social media because you can’t take your eyes off the baby’s sleeping face, arms, or legs.

A newborn that differs significantly from other babies is quite amazing to see.

So, in Hungary, a boy named Benz who weighed almost five kilograms was born.

Although completely healthy at birth, the child had a few unique characteristics.

His hair was all gray when he was born.

Numerous tests were performed by medical professionals, but the reason for gray hair could not be determined.

As was previously believed, it wasn’t albinism.

The two older kids in the family don’t have this trait, and Benz is the third child.

The physicians’ next theory was that the baby may have been born in this condition because the mother may have experienced extreme stress during her pregnancy.

However, the parent asserts that the entire pregnancy was uneventful.

Absolutely no tension or anxiety existed.

In response, researchers contend that children’s blond hair is inherited.

Furthermore, a deficiency in vitamin B12 or a mutation in the hair cells could be the root of this situation.

Benz is now rather well-known in his hometown. The “Charming Prince” is the name given to him.

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