The fattest girl in the world managed to lose weight. This is how she looks like now

The weight record is held by Chicago resident Jessica Leonard.

When she was 7 years old, she weighed 222 kg.

She required assistance from her mother, who had brought her daughter to this state because she was unable to move on her own.

The traditional American version occurs when a mother who is excessively devoted gives in to her daughter’s every wish.

The woman merely gave the youngster unhealthy food as a result.

Jessica consumed 10,000 calories worth of food throughout the day as opposed to the 1800 calories that are typical for kids her age.

Additionally, the primary diet consisted of high-calorie fast foods including pizza, hamburgers, drink, French fries, and others.

Although not to the same extent, the mother of the record-holder in weight also battled obesity.

At the age of 4, the infant passed the 100-kilogram mark.

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