14-Year-Old Shy Olivia Archbold Sings ‘In The Arms Of An Angel’ Lyrics And Impresses Simon

When 14-year-old Olivia Archbold begins singing the lyrics to “In The Arms Of An Angel,” everyone is in awe of her talent despite her initial shyness. One of them is Simon Cowell!

Teenager Olivia Archbold wants to become famous.

“I just think about what I’m doing when I wake up. She says in an interview, “I just started singing. I’ll be singing as I descend the stairs. Maybe I was contemplating the possibility of becoming a real celebrity and performing on stage in front of millions of people while taking a math class.

And this young woman is going after her goals by participating in Britain’s Got Talent. She has her two sisters, parents, and all of them with her, and they are all supporting her backstage as she sings the lyrics to “In the Arms of an Angel” for the judges.

Olivia’s mother says, “I think she will have to get over her nerves, and if she does, I think she will show that she really can sing.”

14-Year-Old Impressive is Olivia Archbold
As soon as Olivia starts singing “In the Arms of an Angel,” the crowd starts to adore her. She has a wonderful voice, and she does a fantastic job covering this Sarah McLachlan song.

Simon says, “Wow,” as Olivia sings.

After her audition, the judges had nothing but nice things to say about her rendition of “In The Arms Of An Angel.”

“I was really enthralled by that. Your voice really does have a nice sound to it. Very confident and professional performance, Amanda remarks

“Olivia, I think what I like best about you is that you don’t realize how good you are,” says Piers, adding his own voice. But when you first entered the stage, you were modest and hesitant, and you immediately sang magnificently.

Simon then comments on Olivia’s audition. He comments, “You’re so nervous, Olivia,” as he sees her shaking on stage. But because of how wonderfully you sang it, it became your own rendition of the song. I am very impressed with you, Olivia.

The teenager’s smile won’t leave her face! After earning three yeses from the judges, Olivia exits the stage and hugs her family. What a charming occasion!

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