11-week-old baby girl speaks for the first time

Just wait until you hear her utter her own name to realize how cute she is. Eela, who completed this amazing achievement at the infant age of eleven weeks, is her name.

Newborns love to babble away at breakneck speed, generating all kinds of sounds as they learn the mysteries of speaking. Parents have to make sense of words that are frequently gibberish in order to grasp what their children are saying.

Eela, who is only eleven weeks old, has accomplished a remarkable achievement by speaking her own name. The priceless moment was captured on film by her devoted mother and is now accessible to Internet users worldwide.

In addition to Eela’s youth, this accomplishment is noteworthy because a baby’s first words are often “mommy” or “daddy.” Eela is a rebellious child who is also incredibly brilliant for a baby.

Babies can start generating sounds as early as seven weeks old, although the bulk of these utterances are proto-speech, or sounds that are near to but not quite words. Such expressions include “da-da” and “ba-ba.”

When Eela is older, I hope mum plays the video for her so she can see how endearingly smart she was even when she was so small.

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