“Your mother is no longer here,” the children are told when they first visit their mother in a nursing home.

Cindy Brooks believed her fate was set when her ungrateful children sold her home and abandoned her in a nursing facility. But two years later, when they went to see her, they discovered that someone had rescued their mother and taken her into their house.

Cindy Brooks cherished her position. She had spent decades working in her antique shop, but it appeared that she should retire and take a break. She intended to enjoy her senior years because she had saved a sizable sum of money.

She had divorced her husband, Eric Brooks, a few years ago. She was distraught and in need! In addition to being her husband, Eric had been her confidant and companion for the whole forty years of their union.

Everyone admired the way they got along. Unfortunately, when their ideas and aspirations changed once Eric abandoned his job to pursue farming, they grew further apart over time.

Before they started to hate one other, they agreed it would be preferable to split ways amicably. Eric left Cindy and their two kids behind when he moved to Texas.

“My love, what will I do without you?” – she frequently thought to herself as she viewed old pictures of her husband.

She kept pictures of Eric on the mantelpiece of their house in the heart of Louisiana’s Oasis region despite getting divorced.

When Cindy thought of her spouse, she frequently shed tears. They had young marriages and young children. Cindy occasionally wished they had put off having kids a bit longer so that their infants, Emily and Jonathan, might stay at home for a little while longer.

All of them were adults who had long since moved away from home to begin their own lives, families, and careers. Cindy was consequently left at home alone, which was undoubtedly lonely for a woman of her age.

She retired and is unsure about her future plans at the age of 70. She was surrounded by a tight-knit community, but this was not how she had pictured spending her golden years. She needed to solve a problem before she could spend time caring for her grandchildren.

Her children rarely paid her a visit, and in recent years, those visits have decreased. She hoped that with her new life, she would have more opportunities to visit them and spend time with her grandchildren. Unfortunately, she was in for a nasty surprise from life.

Cindy was startled awake one morning by the doorbell. Who could possibly arrive at this time of day? It’s only just daylight, she groused. She immediately changed into her dressing gown and hurried down the stairs, annoyed.

She was shocked when she opened the door and saw Emily and Jonathan there, just hours after she had asked for them to come to her. “God answers prayers,” she said in her mind.

She plunged herself into the arms of her children while crying. But as soon as she heard her kid declare, “We are not here for fun, Mama!,” her joy was swiftly replaced by sadness. We’re here to transport you to your new residence.

But, but, this is where I live. How do you define “my new home”? Cindy questioned.

We want to place you in a care facility where someone will constantly take care of you now that you’re not working, adds Emily.

“I don’t require care from anyone. She yelled at her kids, “I’ve taken care of myself all this time, and I’ll take care of myself without anyone else’s help,” even as Emily entered the house to begin packing.

Cindy was quite enraged. The main purpose of their visit was to transport her to a nursing facility. This massive letdown irritated her to no end.

She tried to shove the kids away while screaming at the top of her lungs before giving up. She was taken by Jonathan and Emily to a nursing facility, far from the area she had called “home” for many years.

Without Cindy’s knowledge, her children had already listed and received a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their childhood house. They had made a respectable amount of money, and it was situated in an affluent neighborhood.

Jonathan and Emily were silently arranging their vacation with the money from the sale of the property, while Cindy sat at the back of the house thinking about parenting and periodically letting out a strangled sigh. They seldom spoke to one another and each appeared engrossed with their own thoughts.

When Jonathan and Emily arrived at the nursing home, they left their sad mother at the front desk before turning around and leaving, eager to get home as quickly as possible and celebrate their success.

Cindy was in shock! She had held out hope that it was merely a cruel prank played on her by her kids during the lengthy trip, but she was no longer deluded. She was hurriedly led to her room, where she promptly closed the door and sobbed since she knew her fate.

Contrary to Cindy’s expectations, life in the nursing home was not as challenging. After getting past her first shock, she made acquaintances and started to enjoy their company. She especially loved going on walks with her pals in the gardens and gathering flowers.

After some time had gone, during her fourth month there, she observed a truck come up as she and a friend were strolling through the garden. She thought she recognized the truck and the driver for some reason.

She yelled to her buddy, who was busy choosing the lovely flowers that usually brought color to their gray days, “I know that truck… and the driver!”

That person asked, “Is that your son?” The friend questioned.

Cindy responded, running toward the truck, “No, I can’t tell from here, but it doesn’t look like Jonathan.”

After a year and eight months…
Jonathan and Emily leave the car in the nursing home’s parking lot and dash to the front desk. Jonathan informs the receptionist Angela, “We’re here to see our mother, Cindy Brooks.”

Cindy Brooks, huh? It’s been at least a year and eight months since Cindy last visited. – Angela says, opening a tab on her computer that displays the tenants’ discharge dates.

What do you mean she hasn’t visited recently? How is she doing? – Jonathan asks with a loud voice.

Angela squeaks in terror, “Your mother has been taken from here.”

“Where was taken? by whom, also? And with whose permission? Emily exclaims as Jonathan looks menacingly at Angela.

They knocked on the turquoise door at the address Angela had given them later that evening as they anxiously awaited news of their mother’s disappearance. When they realized that the home’s owner was none other than their father, Eric, they were astounded.

Eric, a dedicated farmer, has been delivering groceries to a nursing home for many years. He once saw Cindy wandering in the garden with the other inhabitants as he was making a delivery.

He initially believed he was mistaken since he couldn’t picture a lady as strong and nimble as Cindy living in a nursing home. He then made an appointment to see Angela.

She explained to him how Cindy’s children had left her there and that no one had ever paid her a visit. Cindy was immediately taken under Eric’s care.

He informed the staff of the care facility, “We were happy for many years, so I’m going to take care of her,” before gathering Cindy’s belongings and taking her home.

Up until the age of 80, Eric lived alone. He stopped getting married after divorcing Cindy and relocated to a new state to begin a new life. And now that they’ve located one another, the two are catching up.

Cindy questioned, “So why did you come looking for me after leaving me so long ago?”

Mom, we’re really sorry,” Emily said. We sincerely regret what we did to you. Because of our selfishness, we were unable to prioritize your needs.

Jonathan drew a piece of paper from his bag and stated, “We’ve come to the nursing home to apologize and pay you for the misery we’ve caused you. He gave his mother the deed to the house and said, “We bought the house back for you.”

Cindy was taken aback! She couldn’t believe how quickly her children had changed after being so nasty to her two years prior. She cried out, “Do you really think so?”

When Emily and Jonathan begged their parents for forgiveness, Cindy, who is always so generous, responded, “On one condition.”

Emily responded, “Whatever it is, Mom.”

Cindy shouted happily, “I want you two to bring your kids around frequently so they may spend time with their grandparents.

Emily and Jonathan both echoed the same phrase, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

In the end, Cindy and Eric sold Cindy’s home and wed once more in the garden, in front of their kids and grandchildren. As Cindy had imagined, they spent the remainder of their days taking care of their grandchildren.

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