She became mom at the age of 11. How she lives now

The girl and her grandma shared an apartment.

She was brought up by her grandma because she lacked parents.

Also residing in this flat was the man named Habib, who rented a room.

He had just turned 19.

The young people started dating.

The girl eventually got pregnant.

The young man was, of course, found guilty, but the punishment was suspended.

because the young folks demonstrated in court that they are in love.

The couple’s daughter was born.

The young mother started college after receiving her high school diploma.

And they had a boy in 2013.

They wanted to get divorced after four years but were prevented by the girl’s third pregnancy.

Habib works and takes care of the young family as they are expecting their third child.

The girl underwent a Caesarean section because to her advanced age.

Despite the fact that the newborns in both cases were born prematurely small, the doctors refused to accept blame.

The girl was never accepted by Habib’s family, who are always hunting for a new marriage for their son.

They do not think that these children are the children of their son, among other things.

However, because they are in love, young people will not separate.

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