Please, son, take me home for Easter, I’ll sit in the corner, I won’t bother anybody, I can’t go on…

I can no longer handle it, so please son, take me home for Holy Week. I will sit in the corner and be with you for a few days, I won’t cause any issue, and I’ll get better treatment at home.

“Daddy,” I continue, “you are acting like a child. You are cared for here, fed, and given medication, yet all you keep saying is, “I want to go home,” over and over again.

I’ll be better off at home since I haven’t been there in a year.

The son declared, “I will take you without a doubt.” “The holidays are just a few days away,” he added.

«Long live my son; you make me proud; not all kids are like that. We’ll visit your mother’s cemetery when I come home; did you bring flowers for her grave? She adored flowers.

The son briefly glanced at his father before turning his head away. After saying good-bye, he walked out. The father began keeping track of the passing time and informing the other patients that he would soon be going home.

The son was sitting on the couch at home, looking thoughtful. He was reluctant to inform his wife. He replied as he turned to face his wife.

He beseeched his wife, “I’ll bring dad home for the holidays,” as he said.

The wife spoke forcefully while making a worried motion.

You might have overlooked the possibility of our contracting tuberculosis from your father. In addition, we’ll have many of visitors over the holiday.

But the physician claimed that he is no longer a threat to people.

Do you trust the medical profession? Nothing is understood by them.

Their exchange came to an end.

The guests gathered around a lavish table, eating, sipping their parents’ toasts, and instructing their children to become good people on Easter morning after everyone had gone to church.

They cleaned the table and apartment after the visitors left before retiring to bed exhausted. Even though the son was exhausted, he was unable to fall asleep because of something disturbing him. He made the decision to go see his father in the morning. There were hardly any people in the hallways and an abnormally quiet hospital.

Many patients, according to the nurse, had returned home to spend Easter with their family. The son bowed his head as he began to ascend the stairs to the eighth floor, where his father’s hospital room was located. As he approached the door, he was contemplating how to apologize when he suddenly noticed that his father’s bed was vacant. He exited hurriedly and headed to the physician’s office. He noticed the doctor at the door speaking softly.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to save the man. He passed away. And his final words were, “I am so disappointed in life, in myself, in my son, that I have failed to raise a decent person.”

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