“I love another woman” A man abandoned his fiancée before his wedding, and years later she became his only caregiver – Story of the Day

A few days before the wedding, Collins elopes with a slimmer and more attractive woman. Unfortunately, his new spouse is not at all what he had anticipated, and the unpleasant reality quickly hits him. He is sorry he left the woman who genuinely loved him.
Collins’ fiancee Ava joined him in the café where he was already seated. He opted for a window seat and relaxed while sipping his aromatic coffee and occasionally looking out at the surroundings.
Ava arrived late and was already late for work. She saw her fiance as she walked into the little café and hurriedly sat down next to him.
She murmured, almost gasping, “Hi baby, sorry I’m late.”

“Everything is OK. Which beverage would you like?
The couple had been dating for several years. They had gone to the same primary and secondary schools their entire lives while growing up in the suburbs.
Although they had been close friends for a while, they both realized after they graduated from high school that their feelings went beyond friendship. They began dating and were getting hitched.
They gathered to discuss the specifics of their festive day as preparations for the event were well under way. Ava was quite happy. She would finally become Mrs. Collins, and the prospect made her grin.

She smiled and said, “I’ll have a coffee and a doughnut,” to the server. “Darling, I believe everything is ready,” she murmured, turning to Collins. We just need to pay the venue one more time, and the celebration can begin. I’m very excited to be your wife.

Before responding, Collins gave Ava a serious look. “That won’t be necessary, Ava.”
Why do you say that? The location must be reserved or it won’t be available.
I’m not getting married, I know that.
Ava said bewildered, “I don’t understand…
“I’m sorry to break the news to you in person, but I found someone else! She looks better and is thinner.
Ava gave him a startled glance. ” I apologize? How could you possibly have found someone else? In three days, we will be wed.
“We won’t get hitched. Collins proclaimed, “Ava, I love another woman. “I met the most gorgeous woman and fell in love right away. She’s younger and more gorgeous than ever!”
Even while he kept gushing about how gorgeous Rachel was, Ava sobbed loudly to the point where she was no longer able to hear him. Collins first encountered her when he went to buy engagement rings for himself and Ava. She worked in a jewelry store.

“Colin, how could you? She wailed, “You want to leave me three days before our wedding? We’ve been together for years.
You don’t appear to care about your body, I’m sorry. Wow, look at you.
The taunts became too much for Ava to handle. She stood up and fled the cafe in a wrath.

Ava was still reeling from the betrayal of someone she loved a year and a few months later. She never wanted the worst for anyone, so when she found out Collins was getting married to Rachel, she made plans to be there to wish him luck.
Not what I expected happened. Collins was indignant to see Ava show up uninvited to the gathering. Why are you in this place? You weren’t invited by us.
“Collins, I still love you, and I came to wish you a good life.”
“You’re making me angry! He yelled at her, “Get out!” and told the security to eject her.
Collins and Rachel took a flight to the Maldives for their honeymoon a few days after exchanging vows in a beautiful wedding.
The future appeared bright, and Collins was eager to begin a new life with the lovely young woman he had just married. He was certain that he would do anything for her.

A few months later, when Rachel voiced her dissatisfaction with the small residence, Collins realized he needed to take something.
“Only losers reside in a residence such as this! I don’t want to share a home with a loser. She reprimanded.
The solution to this issue was simple. Collins would put forth more effort to increase his income and buy a larger home. After all, he wanted to provide his wife the ideal existence, one in which she would have all she wished for.
Collins smiled. He found it hard to comprehend that his wife was this stunning woman. Sadly, he started to see a trend that led him to wonder about her genuine motivations.
After a long day at work, Collins saw Rachel resting on the couch. “Hello, youngster? He gave her a kiss on the cheek and inquired, “How was your day?
“Collins, I’m so bored I could die! This is not how I can live.

He innocently said, “Maybe you might obtain a job to keep yourself busy during the day.
“A job? A job? I’m unable to find work! Do you want my beauty to deteriorate and me to be worn out after work?
Collins stated, “You don’t need to get a very demanding job, just one that will keep you a little busy.”
“I’m not going to find employment. You could afford a better life if you put in more labor. I must take more trips.
Collins was astonished, but he kept his mouth shut. However, Rachel persisted in bugging him all night long, pleading with him to pay for her visits to the most outlandish locations.
She was nagging and attempting to provide Rachel the lifestyle she demanded, and Collins was fatigued from working overtime as a result. He accepted his fate and told her to get ready because he would pay for her flight to Europe. Later, he took her to the airport in his car.
He struggled to accept it, but he was worn out. He was exhausted from his work and all of Rachel’s expectations. He returned to his car after dropping her off at the airport and drove to his place of employment to begin his second shift for the day. But then something unbelievable happened.

Collins was confused when he awoke in the hospital. He last remembered being at work. He asked the nurse, “How did I get here?”
“Sir, you were brought in unresponsive. You didn’t need to worry, though. You simply felt a little worn out and tense. You will need to remain under monitoring for a few more days, though.
When he called his wife to tell her the news, she didn’t appear to be interested. His worries were overcome by how much fun she was having in Europe. She was also unaware that it was his birthday today.
After he had finished, he realized that he had married the world’s most egotistical lady, and that she had done so at the price of a woman who genuinely cared about him.
As she did every year, Ava contacted him to wish him a happy birthday as if by magic. Then she discovered he was in the hospital. Collins couldn’t believe he had missed this gorgeous woman as she ran to him.
Up until his discharge, Ava took care of him and paid him daily visits at the hospital. He asked Ava’s pardon on his last day, getting on his knees.
“Ava, I’ve done the worst thing I’ve ever done. I shouldn’t have ever abandoned you. As he took her face in his hands and murmured, “You really are the only lady who can make me happy. “Will you ever be able to forgive me?”
“Of course, yes. It’s all okay. You are aware that I have always loved you. After Collins had fully recovered a few days later, he proposed to Ava.

He declared that he would get rid of Rachel and they would wed as they had always wanted. The most stunning engagement ring she had ever seen was then presented to her by him. With Collins, Ava would finally have the life she had always envisioned.
When Rachel tried to call Collins to request more money, he simply told her he was divorcing her and said he was never coming back. Collins and Ava were married in a lovely ceremony and shared a long and fulfilling marriage.

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