A wedding is halted by an elderly man who opposes it, and shortly after, the groom is apprehended by the police. – The story of the day

When the priest asked whether anybody had any objections to the marriage, the young woman’s gaze shifted to the priest as she stood in the church next to the guy she adored. An elderly guy entered the church abruptly and told the priest that he opposed the wedding.

Just a few seconds after meeting Hilary at a gathering, Myron shouted, “You are stunning!”

Hilary felt a fluttering in her gut as he surveyed her from head to toe. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had complimented her, or what it felt like to be held and looked in the eyes. Due to her ex-partner’s anger management issues, their previous relationship was wrought with sorrow.

Hilary felt that she could take another chance and pursue a relationship with this man who thought she was the most beautiful lady in the room after meeting Myron at her friend’s event.

The entire evening, Myron stayed by her side, telling her everything about himself while making jokes. She was the ideal girl for him, and he wanted to make a good impression on her when they first met.

The next day, Myron and Hilary met in a park and strolled about talking about their interests, aspirations, and issues with life. The closer they became as a result of their conversation, the more Myron felt compelled to ask her out the next day.

Myron remarked, “Hilary, I believe you to be the woman I have been looking for all this time.” The question “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“What?” Hilary covered her face with her hands, revealing only her sparkling eyes and forehead. She couldn’t believe the man she had only met two days prior was interested in getting to know her better.

The question “Will you be my girlfriend?” Myron asked again while maintaining eye contact with Hilary.

She shouted, “Yes!” and encircled him in her arms. It’s “I’ll be your girlfriend, Myron.”

After her previous breakup, Hilary was eager to start a new relationship and was overjoyed to meet Myron. Without realizing he was hiding something from her, she mistakenly believed that his love would help her heal.

He quickly won her parents’ affection after Hilary introduced him to them. He confessed to having lost his parents at an early age and how much he still missed them.

Don’t be concerned, Hilary’s mother said. We’re now your parents, okay? You are welcome to tell us everything. We are here for you at all times.

When her parents agreed to let her date, Hilary felt relieved. She thought she had made the proper decision to date him and that she was prepared to spend the rest of her life with him because of their approbation.

Before Myron took the next step, they dated for five months. He was on a date with Hilary when he knelt in front of everyone and entered a pricey restaurant.

“Hilary, I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Myron responded, “I want to share all my joys and sorrows with you. The question “Will you marry me?”

Hilary couldn’t believe Myron had proposed to her in front of everyone in the restaurant while others gasped. When she noticed him on his knees, looking directly into her eyes as if he were waiting for a response, she felt her pulse skip a beat.

“Yes!” As she pulled him up while holding his hands and encircling him with her arms, Hilary whispered as tears streamed down her face. She was astonished that the person she loved most wanted to live out the remainder of his days with her.

Hilary didn’t feel like things were moving too rapidly because she was madly in love with Myron. She had only known this man for five months when all of a sudden he wanted to be her life partner. However, she was unable to discern that the timing of his proposal was unusual.

But when Hilary told her parents about it, they began to have second thoughts. When they spoke to him and realized how much he admired their daughter, their initial concerns about Myron proposing to her too soon were allayed. Unaware that fate would prevent them from being married, the pair soon started making plans for their wedding.

Hilary learned a lot about her soon-to-be husband through the preparations that she had never known. She observed Myron’s interest in things materialistic during one of the conversations.

He added with avarice in his eyes, “I’m so excited about all the stuff people will bring us!”

There will be many pricey gifts. I am very excited.

Hilary thought it was weird of him to think about the gifts, even though she said nothing to him at the time. However, it appeared that Myron was more interested in other topics. She wanted him to talk to her about their relationship, their future, and how they would support one another after being married.

Unaware of Myron’s ambitions, Hilary reasoned, “I guess he’s just acting immature.”

A few days prior to the nuptials, Myron visited Hilary at home and gave her a surprise. “I believe a prenuptial agreement should be entered into. What do you recommend?

After giving it some thought, Hilary responded, “Yes, I believe it was a wise choice. “We should be ready for the worst case scenario.”

“Exactly!” Myron yelled. “I think we should add a clause that says you would have to pay up a fortune if you initiated a divorce,” He laughed icily.

She found it odd that he brought up a prenup, and she wasn’t sure if he was being humorous about it.

Hilary called her attorney later that day to inquire about the clause. She believed Myron was being self-centered, but the attorney reassured her that this clause was rather typical.

“Don’t worry, Hilary,” the attorney reassured her. “Myron would be subject to the same rule if he filed for divorce.”

“He’d give me the same amount of money?” Hilary enquired.

“Yes,” the attorney answered.

“There is nothing to worry about. This clause is typically included in prenuptial agreements.

After speaking with her attorney, Hilary felt relieved and repentant for believing Myron was greedy. Calling him, she informed him that she was prepared to sign the prenuptial agreement. However, a subsequent bizarre occurrence led her to question his motivations.

A divorce certificate bearing Myron’s name was discovered by Hilary while she was cleaning Myron’s cabinets a few days later. Asking “What is this, Myron?” He was promptly challenged by Hilary. “You never told me that you were married!”

Hey, chill out, he said. It isn’t what you believe. Believe me.

“Myron, how much longer are you keeping this from me? In a few days, we will be wed. Helen screamed.

He forced her to sit on the bed, saying “Listen to me,” while holding her shoulders. “This union was a misstep. When I was married to this woman, I was impetuous and youthful. It no longer matters to me because it is in the past.

I ask, “Why should I believe you?” Hilary frowned and turned her head away.

Myron declared, “I promise, this marriage means nothing to me. “The only reason I never told you about it is because all I want to do is forget about it. Count on me, honey.

“I have no idea who you are, but I’m getting married to you in a few days!” Hilary broke down in tears. “I’m beginning to question my choice right now.”

Myron held her and said, “Come on.” You are aware of my love for you. Why, my love, would I ever tell you a lie? Please don’t cry.

Once more, Myron’s enchanted words dispelled Hilary’s concerns. He tried to convince her that he wasn’t hiding anything, but the reality was different.

Myron was on the phone at Hilary’s residence the day before the nuptials.

Unaware that Hilary had heard him, he muttered, “If you mess it up, I won’t be able to vouch for myself!”

She enquired about his caller after he hung up. She exclaimed, “What you said sounded so suspicious!” “Myron, what’s going on?”

Myron rolled her eyes and said, “That was my ex-girlfriend.” She had threatened to attend the wedding.

“Really?” Hilary enquired.

“Yes,” Myron replied with assurance. “She’s gone crazy or something,” someone said.

Myron had tricked her once more, but Hilary’s pulse was racing with every suspicion and doubt that she had. He had no idea that she would become aware of his genuine intents far sooner than he had anticipated.

Hilary got up early the morning of her wedding and started getting ready. She was overjoyed to wed the guy of her dreams, but she had no idea what lay inside the chapel. She was giddy with anticipation, eager to see her groom.

She was thrilled to see how wonderfully everyone had dressed for her special day when she and her family arrived at the church when she was ready. Everyone in her circle of friends and relatives was waiting for her to enter the church and stand next to Myron.

Everyone watched as she came down the aisle holding her father’s hand. The priest read the wedding vows as she approached the altar. He then enquired as to whether anyone had any objections to the marriage.

Unknown man made his way down the aisle as the wedding procession started, saying, “I reject this marriage! I won’t let Myron marry this good girl, and he can’t either.

Hilary gasped in surprise as the guests started to chat among themselves. Myron gave the man a vengeful look as he gazed at him.

“Myron, you weren’t warned, were you? ” The man complained. “You disregarded my counsel, and now you must bear the consequences,” she said.

While Myron was attempting to flee, a group of police officers suddenly stormed the chapel. He was unable to escape, nevertheless, as police had surrounded the church from all sides. Hilary kept asking Myron what was going on when they were arresting and dragging him outside.

She wailed, “Where are they taking him?” “Myron, what have you done? Could you not stop them?

Hilary fell to the ground and sobbed uncontrollably.

Why did he harm me in this way? Why did he try to manipulate my emotions? Hilary feared that the anguish of what was happening would cause her to pass out.

The man who had called off her wedding then started to approach her. He said, “I’m really sorry for how you’re feeling right now. “Myron was accused of repeated fraud, so the police detained him.”

“What?” Hilary sputtered. “How do you know that, though?”

The man said, “I’m Myron’s estranged father. You can address me as Mr. Brown.

Hilary was startled to hear that “but he said his parents had passed away.”

Mr. Brown remarked, “I know he constantly lying to girls. When I learned that he was a professional gigolo who was luring females into marriage in exchange for money, he severed his relationship with me.

“What?” Hilary’s ears were so unbelievable.

Mr. Brown remarked, “I did everything to stop him, but he never listened. I had given up on him until the cops came to my house and inquired about my kid one day.

Mr. Brown added, “Myron had disclosed my address everywhere because he knew the cops would come for him. I was so tired of this, but I knew he wouldn’t give up. The same way that his mother cheated on me.

It turned out that when Mr. Brown learnt about Hilary, he contacted Myron to warn him. Myron ignored his father’s warnings to stop playing with Hilary’s emotions.

“You called him yesterday, right?” Hilary enquired. “He told me it was his ex-girlfriend, but he lied.”

“It was me,” Mr. Brown said.

He ignored my calls when I made them. Therefore, I had to dial the cops.

As it became evident what Myron had been up to for the last few months, Hilary started to understand Myron’s recent odd conduct.

“Mr. Brown, I appreciate you saving me! She thanked him, saying, “Thanks for saving me from being robbed.

When Myron’s case came reached court, the judge ruled that he must pay back each of the women he had misled. Hilary was also paid after a few months, but she choose not to keep the money.

She handed over the money and said, “This is for you, Mr. Brown.” “Thank you so much for saving me!”

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