“Adopted 20 years ago”: what Angelina Jolie’s eldest son looks and does

The actress had adopted children before having biological children of her own.

She adopted her first child in 2001. When destiny brought her to Cambodia, she was already actively engaged in philanthropic work. Rath Vibol, a 7-month-old baby, was allegedly the first child Angelina ever held in her arms.

Bill Thornton, who would later become his father, and the artist were married at the time.

The boy’s “new daddy” was Brad Pitt after the couple got divorced and Jolie wed him. He soon adopted the name Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

The Hollywood celebrity was a devoted mother. Unsurprisingly, the celebrity’s six children received a warm and nurturing upbringing.

As he grew older, Maddox developed into a skilled young man. Twenty years old, he speaks three languages, likes to play the guitar, and enjoys watching movies. He studies bioengineering at Korea’s Yonsei University.

His relationship with his “father” is good. Throughout the court hearings, he stood next to his mother. He even resisted using Pitt’s last name.

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