Toddler With Heart-Shaped Birthmark Has Been Deemed ‘Love Baby’

It is undeniable that birthmarks have a fascination for humans. Numerous birthmarks have different shapes and are inherited. Many people now ponder the spiritual significance of their birthmark as a result of this.

It is said that if someone has a bookmark in the shape of a heart, they will most likely lead a loving life. With a birthmark in the shape of a heart on his forehead, Cinar Engin, a very rare infant from Turkey, wonderfully epitomizes love.

This infant will always be recognized for the carefully placed heart on his forehead, just like Harry Potter is remembered for the scar on his forehead that resembles a lightning bolt. The heart-shaped birthmark on Cinar Engin’s forehead was first discovered by his father, Murat Engin, when he was a newborn. He explained to the Daily Mail:

“I was the first person to notice the birthmark on his head after a nurse washed the blood off of it. I was genuinely shocked. I just knew it was a beautiful heart when I was quite near to his head. I had a hard time controlling my tears.

Cinar seemed to be thanking his devoted parents for bringing him into the world. He quickly became the buzz of the nursery, and several hospital employees asked Cinar’s parents for permission to take a selfie with the endearing newborn.

Cinar, who is currently 14 months old, is the family’s first member to have a unique birthmark.

As a result, many people have given him the moniker “Love Baby.” Cinar has drawn interest from strangers as well, as numerous individuals have stopped to take pictures of him in public. Murat added the following heartfelt note for his son:

It truly seemed like a divine gift. None of us felt anything bad. We think he was given a chance when he was born.

It is clear why the young child has captured the hearts of so many people just from looking at his portrait. Anyone who meets him will be made to believe that there is still pure, unadulterated love in the world.

In 2015, baby Inar was welcomed into the world by his parents Murat and Ceyda Engin, who were overjoyed and relieved to see him healthy. But Murat soon realized that there was more to inar than they had previously understood.

The delighted parents gazed at their blessing as a nurse wiped the newborn’s face after birth. When Murat discovered a crimson stain on his son’s forehead, he was taken aback.

Murat approached the infant Inar and examined the pink hue of his skin. As they saw the mark he would have for the rest of his life, the parents’ eyes started to well up with tears. Murat stated:

“I was very taken aback. I only understood it was a wonderful heart when I reached out to touch his head.

Inar’s proud parents admired his birthmark, but they were unaware of the impact it would have on his life. Their son attracted attention and was given a unique moniker.

Nurses snapped photographs and took awe-inspiring looks at the perfectly shaped heart on baby Inar’s head as they crowded around him. Suddenly, a nurse yelled:

Oh my goodness, that is just fantastic; he is a love baby.

The mother and father quickly realized that their son’s birthmark was actually a blessing from God. Inar’s family was the only one without a distinctive marking, and as her father Murat remarked, “None of us felt bad. We think he was given a chance when he was born.

Numerous admirers stopped the family anytime they saw inar because they wanted to meet him and the general public was eager to do so. He brought happiness wherever he went, and everybody loved taking pictures with him. Murat continued:

“Everyone smiles at us and loves him when we go out and about. Due to the heart-shaped nature of his birthmark, all of our friends are intrigued.

Every time the family brought their son in for a routine examination, the medical personnel knew Inar right away. He also went by the name “Heart boy,” according to them.

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