Prayers up for Shaq and Shaunie’s son as he announces life threatening heart surgery

O’Neal Shareef, “So, the other day, during a normal examination, we discovered a medical problem involving my heart. I will not be playing this season and will instead be a medical red shirt thanks to the UCLA medical staff’s quick discovery of the problem.

He went on:

“I’ll be off for a while, focusing on my studies and, of course, my health, and I’ll just be observing [the team] to be the best player I [can] be next year,” the athlete said.

Shareef wants people to know that even though his heart surgery will need him to “be out for a couple of months,” it won’t affect his career:

“Many individuals are asking if this will terminate their careers. Absolutely not; it’s simply a minor setback and I’ll be back shortly. I’ll continue to go to class and behave normally while in treatment.

He took a moment to express gratitude to his fans and to be open about how depressed he feels right now as a result of the news, as well as how hopeful he is for the future:

I want to express my gratitude to UCLA, my family, my teammates, and everyone else who has supported me in my choice. And I just want to emphasize to all the students that success does not always come easily. You have to experience some abrasions and bruises, you know.

It won’t always be simple. I’m a little depressed since it feels like I was at the height of my basketball career entering my freshman year and coming off of my high school’s state championship. When this occurred, I felt like I was at the top of my game and only wanted to get better. So for the time being, I’m simply trying to prioritize my health.

Shareef and his family may be struggling, but we applaud that young brother for maintaining his composure in the face of adversity. Looking forward to seeing him reach new heights as he recovers from his heart operation and sending him good vibes.

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