The world’s first woman who carried and gave birth to 8 babies. Look what these 8 children look like now!

In 2009, Natalie Suleman made history by being the first woman in the world to bear and deliver eight healthy children. She already had six children at the time, all of varying ages.

When it was revealed that the mother was expecting eight children, she started getting calls for appearances on different talk shows. The woman feels fantastic after having several children. She spends most of her time focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle and parenting her kids.

44-yeal-old Suleman is still active in sports. She acknowledges that she feels motivated and invigorated in life because of athletics and healthy eating.

A healthy lifestyle contributes to bringing emotional backdrop and wellbeing into the norm. The older children of Suleiman follow their mother’s lead and participate in sports as well.

“Sport, in my opinion, aids in our emotional and physical development. It aids in my increased productivity. I’m happy that my kids emulate me and encourage living a healthy lifestyle, the mom stated.

The woman updates her Instagram account frequently with pictures from her day. She has more than 240k subscribers.

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