Ron Howard married highschool sweetheart in 1975 and they’re still in love and go on dates today

Some of us fall in love in high school.

It’s a period when you are gradually growing up and learning about relationships.

Some individuals might think that because you experience high school love when you are still so young, it eventually fades away.

There are many who would vehemently disagree, claiming that their high school sweetheart ended up being their true love.

The legendary actor, director, and producer Ron Howard and his wife are one of these couples.

In high school, Ron Howard met his future wife.

The 68-year-old famous person was well-known for his numerous achievements in the entertainment industry.

He has been in the business for many years, and because to his successes, many aspiring actors who wish to succeed in Hollywood look up to him.

Despite all of his accolades and successes, meeting the lady he would marry was one of Ron Howard’s most incredible triumphs.

Only in his 11th grade at the time.

When Ron was 16 years old, he met the girl of his dreams, who was a fellow 11th grader.

For the past 47 years, Cheryl Howard has stood by Ron, encouraging him in all of his endeavors.

The moment they laid eyes on one another, they instantly clicked.

Even though Ron and Cheryl were extremely young, their feelings were genuine.

They will both never forget their first encounter in high school.

They instantly connected, and they were aware of it.

They started getting to know one another more quickly, and after some time of getting to know one another, they went on a date in 1970.

Ron posted a photo of their first date on Instagram 47 years after it happened.
He posted a picture of Cheryl and him cuddling tenderly as a breathtaking landscape is in the background.

Even after nearly 50 years of being together, it is clear from their joyful expressions that they are deeply in love.

In actuality, the couple continues to go on dates.

They can still enjoy each other’s company and maintain their love through their shared experiences despite having four kids.

In a more recent post, Ron also included a picture of himself and his wife having fun together in London.

The famous person’s love story never ceases motivating others.
He also uploaded a picture of them strolling in a Queensland tropical jungle in the afternoon.

Really, these are “couple goals,” don’t they?

We can definitely tell how content they are together.

This couple is a living example of how high school sweethearts may continue to be together.

This merely demonstrates that age is not a real factor in love.

Other couples can succeed if this pair can.

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