Struggling boy opens backpack teen girl put on his desk and quickly drops head down

If you look long and hard enough, you could find a method to make someone’s day better.
We are, unfortunately, frequently too preoccupied with our own life to properly comprehend what others are going through. A little South Carolina girl named Sofi Cruz recently got the opportunity to assist someone, and she most definitely took advantage of it.


The young person posted on Facebook about a conversation she had with her close friend Jaheim during which he made an interesting statement.
The remark wasn’t particularly remarkable in and of itself, but for some reason Sofi kept thinking about it for a few days. For the past week and a half, she had been preparing to do something special for a close friend. His name is Jahiem.

I’ve known Jahiem since we were in Mrs. Dragotta’s third-grade class.

He has always been the kind of student who turns in all of his assignments on time, comes to class each day, assists the teacher in class, and is all around kind.


Jahiem enquired, “Can someone get me a pair of shoes?” last week. But he didn’t want to appear desperate. I’m between sizes 10 and 11, and I dislike my.

I’ve always wanted to get him something, but I’ve never had the money or the confidence to do it, the adolescent stated.

But this time, with the support of her family and her new job, Sofi succeeded in pulling off her surprise.

Since I’ve been working hard and have a job, I’ve been saving money, so the next day I bought him a pair of shoes. My grandfather helped me as well.

The next video, which has been shared thousands of times on social media and shown on media websites around the nation, shows the kind Sofi giving Jahiem his surprise.

In the video, Sofi approaches her unsuspecting buddy who is carrying a backpack as she enters the classroom.


Sofi, who has known Jahiem for a very long time, considers him to be a close friend. She reveals that she picked him as the receiver because she had been aching to do something kind for someone ever since beginning her new job.

The backpack is placed on his desk with the words “This is for you.”

Jahiem smiles a little, opens the bag, and pulls out a package.


Sofi tells Jahiem that there is more inside when he compliments her. While he pulls out one item after another, she had created him a treat bag of items, which included shirts and socks.

Despite this, Jaheim attempts to maintain his composure, but when Sofi approaches for a hug, he completely loses it.
As I gave him his items and watched him unzip his luggage, all of my emotions surged to the surface. He was obviously bewildered, so seeing him cry was pretty upsetting.


Sofi stated in a message:

I’m very delighted I gave Jaheim those shoes because they made him so happy and because it made me realize how much of a difference it can make to offer someone something special.

I adore you, Jahiem, with everything I am.


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